Studio Lacks was founded in 2021 and consists of three artists from Mainz. With graffiti as a common background, we all bring in different experience and skills. This includes graphic and communication design, typography, lettering, illustration, graffiti workshops or commissioned works.

We are a design studio with a focus on muralism. Our work is conceptually – the process from an idea, to the design (the largest and most important part), up to the result on the wall. Communication design is an essential element of our work: When developing the motif, for example the environment, mood, emotions, the “character” of a company and the final message play a major role. We express these aspects visually, concerning the individuality of our customers and their projects.

The founding motivation of Studio Lacks was to design a wide variety of facades and walls together and to help shape our surrounding urban space, ideally in large formats. By uniting our different skills and experience, individual designs are created through the combination of typography, lettering, graphical and illustrative elements.

Teamwork is the motto: We have fun combining our styles, supporting and complementing each other to create some nice stuff as the result. By learning from each project and being open to new visual languages, we also want to express our own ideas with unique designs.

The project itself is in the foreground. We don`t want to enforce an idea, regardless of it coming from the client or ourselves. Ultimately a good and suitable design has the highest priority.

We are open for collaborations and projects of all kinds, whether commissioned works, collabs or mural projects – whether national or international.

No sexist, homophobic, discriminating, or racist motives, that goes without saying for Studio Lacks.

Interested in your own project?